The essentials in the Verdon

Activities in Castellane

The best activities to do in Castellane

Unmissable place for your stay in the Verdon, Castellane offers a multitude of activities to discover during your holidays, in a typical setting of the region.

Le verdon with the family - discovery rafting
Group in the Grand Canyon du Verdon - aqua trek
Canyoning Verdon - the reminder of the Jabron

Located in a still preserved environment, the village of Castellane has a real historical, but also cultural and sporting heritage. Whether your holidays are sporting, cultural or relaxing, you will undoubtedly find your happiness in Castellane!

What to do in Castellane?

The Sentier du Roc

The village of Castellane can be the starting point for hikes, in particular the Sentier du Roc (4 km) which will lead you to the Notre-Dame du Roc chapel along the ramparts of Castellane. The climb is done gradually from the Tourist Office. At the top, a breathtaking view of Castellane and the valley awaits you. You will also find an orientation table there to identify the surrounding peaks.


Nature and heritage house

Open to the public, the Maison nature et patrimoine de Castellane invites you to discover the natural and cultural riches of the Verdon through exhibitions, advice and activities all year round.

Resistance Museum

This museum offers multiple objects, documents and rare photos of the Resistance. you will also find several life-size reconstructions of the underground and of life in the maquis.


Automobile enthusiasts will be won over by this museum representing post-war Citroën production in exceptional original condition.

The Valley of the Sirens

This is a hike that starts at the Col des Lèques, near Castellane. This leads you to a geological site that is unique in the world: a 40 million year old marine cemetery. It follows a 4 km round trip walk, which you can do as a family.

Swimming in the surrounding lakes

A few kilometers from Castellane, you will find lakes where you can swim, walk, rent canoes or pedal boats. The closest are the lakes of Castillon and Chaudane.

Bars, restaurants and entertainment

In the village, you can enjoy good local tables or the sunny terraces of the bars. In summer, an outdoor cinema offers many films under the stars! Also do not hesitate to consult the website of the tourist office to keep you informed of the various activities.

Many services

In Castellane, you will find accommodation (hotels, campsites , lodgings, apartments for rent ) but also everything you need during your stay: shops, local shops, supermarket, healthcare professionals, transport. There is also a market on Wednesday and Saturday morning. A reception area is in place for motorhomes.

The essentials in the Verdon

The vultures of the Verdon

Verdon vultures: all you need to know to observe them

Vultures are biding their time

Vultures in the verdon

For 20 years, superb vultures have been reintroduced in the Verdon. You can observe several species in the sky.

A vulture reintroduction program

Twenty years ago, the vultures had completely disappeared from the sky of the Verdon, and this for half a century. It is thanks to the involvement of passionate people that you can observe them again today. Indeed, naturalists launched a program to reintroduce vultures in 1999. 12 griffon vultures were released at this time in Rougon . Twenty years later, this project has borne fruit as many birds of different species fly over Provence and the southern Alps. Some can reach a wingspan of 2.65 meters and weigh up to 7-8 kg. They feed mainly on animal carcasses, sheep and lambs, but also wild boars, deer, chamois and other wild animals.

What species of vultures can we observe in the Verdon?

Griffon vulture

It is the first species that was introduced in 1999. Nearly a hundred griffon vultures were released between 1999 and 2005 near Rougon. You will easily identify it with its long wings and two-colored plumage on the upper parts. Its head is small and white. It measures between 95 and 105 cm and can reach a wingspan of 2.80 m!

The monk vulture

It was in 2005 that the monk vultures were reintroduced by the program while the colony of griffon vultures had been perpetuated. 11 monk vultures were released but not all of them remained in the Verdon. Observers affirmed that a pair of monk vultures reproduces regularly, thus contributing to the sustainability of the species. It is the largest of European raptors. It measures about one meter, for a wingspan between 2.5 and 2.95 meters. Young, its plumage is black while it later turns brown. Its wings are wide and long.

Egyptian vulture

He is also nicknamed the Egyptian Vulture. The Egyptian vulture was not reintroduced within the framework of the program but it can however be observed in the sky of the Verdon. He has been breeding there since 2007. It measures between 56 and 75 cm for a wingspan of about 1.70 meters. Its wings are long and rectangular and its head narrow. Its plumage is brown when young and turns white and black when it reaches adulthood.

More occasionally, another species of vulture can be observed. It’s about Bearded vulture . It’s the biggest ! It can reach wingspan of up to 2.75 meters!

Where to observe vultures in the Verdon?

To see vultures, nothing could be simpler! In summer, you can follow the ridge route and stop at one of the many lookouts. Equipped with a pair of binoculars, you can admire them up close, especially near Rougon. You can also book an excursion with a vulture specialist, who will tell more about these raptors and take you to specific viewing spots.

During an outing in Rafting or in Aquatic hiking , on the routes of Sublime Point , of Tusset Bridge , of Samson corridor and of Imbut in the heart of Grand Canyon , you will have the opportunity to observe them circling in the sky above you.

Also note that vultures are not the only animals that you will be able to observe in the sky of the Verdon. You can also see these species: the Golden Eagle, the Peregrine Falcon, the Ravens or the Red-billed Choughs.

The essentials in the Verdon

Rafting Verdon

Rafting on the Verdon – The beauty of the Gorges du Verdon

The gorges du verdon is first of all the largest canyon in Europe … just that ! Of unequaled beauty, it offers one of the most admirable landscapes of the PACA region. Imagine: in the heart of the green province, the gorges 700 meters deep by location.

And at the bottom flows a river: the Verdon. Taking its source in the Southern Alps, this course amazes with its magnificent colors. Sometimes emerald, sometimes turquoise, the Verdon travels from the high mountains , through the impressive cliffs of the gorges to flow into the Durance. It is a delight for the eyes. An unmissable natural and wild spectacle of the pre-Alps. But not only: it is also a famous place for the practice of water sports.

Lovers of outdoor recreation and whitewater activities will have a blast. Canoe Kayak , canyoning , bathing, aqua-hiking … Unless you are interested in rafting? No problem: our competent, friendly and professional team is there to support you in this hobby of thrills and in complete safety. We welcome you on booking : contact us for more information!

Panorama on the Verdon river

Rafting: what is it?

It is one of the water sports but it is also a hobby . Rafting is practiced in the great outdoors, in rivers with strong currents. On board an inflatable boat (called raft ), it’s about paddling down the stream.

Team spirit is important: up to 8 people can maneuver the craft to challenge rapids.
Don’t panic: our experienced guide is here to help!

At HPO ( Haute-Provence Outdoor ), you can paddle while being supervised by a qualified professional to descend the Verdon. Of course, in addition to the paddles, we will provide you with life jackets and helmets… And our team’s smiles are included!

We advise you to come by reservation and let’s go for the adventure. With family, friends or alone: we necessarily have the formula that suits you. This activity is accessible to all on the condition of knowing how to swim .

Rafting on the Verdon - PACA

The verdon: ideal river for rafting

What river is the most suitable for the practice of this activity?
It is with a hint of chauvinism that we dare to say it: the Verdon is the best place in Europe for rafting.

You will find rapids suitable for beginners or more experienced . And in addition, you will have the chance to practice this hobby in a fabulous landscape of streams and steep cliffs . An exceptional mineral and aquatic decor.

And since it’s not just sport, you can also relax and enjoy clear water perfect for swimming!

Rafting the Verdon river - PACA
The essentials in the Verdon

Canyoning in the Gorges du Verdon

Let yourself be tempted by canyoning in the Gorges du Verdon

Embark on the great canyoning adventure

Do you have a taste for risk? Adventure ? Have you always dreamed of thrills? Are you only thriving in the middle of nature? Look no further, you absolutely must canyoning in the Gorges du Verdon.

For novices who do not know what canyoning is, we offer you a small remedial session: canyoning is a complete sport that combines fun outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and swimming in the mountains. rivers of the Verdon .

Canyoning Verdon - the reminder of the Jabron

Who is canyoning for?

If the adventure tempts you but you are afraid of not being experienced enough, above all, fear not: canyoning is accessible to anyone who is looking for thrills and you will not be let down at any time. unknown since an authorized instructor will guide you through each step.

Canyoning will give you all the adrenaline you need by combining fun activities such as zip lines, abseiling, toboggans and jumps and will also allow you to discover the incredible landscapes sheltered by the Verdon, from sumptuous rivers to refreshing waterfalls.

Go canyoning in complete safety

If you still hesitate to get started in canyoning, also know that the Gorges du Verdon offers courses entirely adapted to your desires but also to your level! A simple discussion with your instructor should be enough to find out which route is right for you.

Please note that the equipment that will be lent to you to ensure your progress on the various outdoor courses is not only washed after each excursion but is also recent and in accordance with safety standards, and suitable for all types of body type.

Combine your passion for sport with the discovery of nature

With the arrival of fine weather, temperatures will quickly rise again and will allow you to exercise your favorite sporting activity in the heart of nature. If the current health situation worries you and prevents you from doing indoor sport as you used to, the practice of canyoning in the open air will allow you to maintain your physical shape and take adequate precautions to preserve your health.

In addition, playing sports will no longer only be synonymous with improving your physical condition, but it will also be an open door to discovering the best that nature has to offer. Canyoning will allow you to discover fabulous waterfalls and landscapes like you have never seen before.

Canyon verdon - Aiglun