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The Daluis Gorges

The Daluis Gorges

The Gorges de Daluis Regional Nature Reserve , also commonly called “Le petit Colorado Niçois”, for its red color , is located in the Alpes Maritimes department in the Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur region , 1 hour by car from the Grand Canyon du Verdon . .

The RNF, the association of Nature reserve of France brings together more than 700 nature professionals (rangers, curators, animators, etc.), who work in nearly 350 nature reserves.

The Gorges de Daluis were dug by the passage of the Var river in wine-colored rocks called pelites and dating back more than 250 million years. These red colored rocks correspond to volcanic ash and fine sediments deposited millions years ago. They have undergone iron oxidation more or less strong. This rock color is very striking because it is located directly next to a very white rock called white gypsum. They really mark this landscape. Gray and black marls from the Cretaceous period will also be found on this territory, which also contrast with the very present red rock.

These gorges form a spectacular notch of more than 900 meters and are classified in Natura 2000 zone. This nature reserve has several nationally protected plant species and also species of heritage interest. They are also home to endemic animal species such as reptiles, birds, bats, and invertebrates.

Perhaps, you will have the chance at the end of spring to see the saxifrage leaf in ornate tabs. Genuine symbol of this preserved flora , which covers the cliffs with its magnificent clusters of white flowers.

The reserve extends over more than 1000 Ha, from the commune of Guillaumes to Daluis and presents breathtaking landscapes.

The Daluis gorges: The Alps Route

bridge of the bride daluis
The Bride’s Bridge

This reserve is crossed by the large alpine road , which was formerly used by the Tramway connecting Guillaumes. Today more commonly used by visitors with motorbike or car. You will find many lookouts to admire the gorges at different viewpoints . At the entrance of this road is the fabulous “head of a woman” which according to legend is the guardian of the gorges of Daluis. We can also find on the course the Bridge of the Bride where the more daring can embark on a Bungee jumping 80 meters high.

The Daluis gorges and sports activities:

This reserve is a nice land for many sports activities, you will find hiking . The most famous point of view of these gorges is only 2 hours round trip. The belvedere of the Sublime Point will delight you with a bird’s eye view of the gorges at a height of 300 meters.

The Daluis gorges can also be admired from below, by canoe-kayak or canoe-raft, during spring only (from April to June). That is to say when the melting snow gives a sufficient water level at the Var river to navigate.

In summer it is also possible to admire these gorges by water hiking that can last between 2 to 4 hours. You will descend the gorges on the shingle banks by walk, and sometimes cross the river bed where you can get water up to the waist .

These Gorges will offer to the moresportive and to thepassionate of nature, an incredible playground and observation.

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