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The Cadières de Brandis

Access to Cadières de Brandis: the recommended path

The path that leads to Cadières de Brandis will allow you to enjoy exceptional views of the Verdon and get to know this curious rock formation better.

If you are staying in the Verdon, you could not miss the Cadières de Brandis … Like a castle, they overlook the Verdon and do not go unnoticed in the landscape . Thanks to this path, you will be able to access it and enjoy a breathtaking panorama at the top if you observe the river well. Moreover, you will be able to see rafting and canoeing down the Verdon with the arrival of the discovery trail and the departure of the sports trail .

Great views of the mountain peaks

The starting point of the Cadières de Brandis trail is at the Col des Lèques. From the car park where you can park, cross the road to reach the path through the pines. You will come to a first intersection where you will have to take the left lane. Then, at the second intersection, go straight. This ascent will take you to the ridge of Colle Bernaiche where you will enjoy a magnificent panorama on the top of Robion, the top of Teillon and in the background the emerald color of Verdon and the pretty village of Castellane.

Porte saint jean and cadillere of brandis

A scent of lavender and some chamois …

The Cadières de Brandis trail continues along a slightly narrower path that climbs up clear slopes where you can smell a sweet scent of lavender… You will then arrive at a plateau covered with pines. With a little luck, you will come across one or two chamois here! Then the hike continues to the summit of Cadières de Brandis. You are then face to face with this geological wonder and its sumptuous shapes carved out by erosion. You have arrived at the top of the cliff where you can fully enjoy the bird’s eye view and perhaps feel some dizzying chills! If looking down scares you, then look up and you might spot a few vultures !

Chamois hidden in the verdon canyon

To return, you have to turn back between the pines and rocky passages.

Practical information to get started

  • Markings: yellow
  • Distance: 7.7 km
  • Elevation gain: 414 m
  • Duration: 3h30
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Provide at least 2 liters of water per person and good walking shoes

Looking for an activity to do in the region?

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