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Rental – “Backpack” – Inflatable Canoe

Gumotex thaya

Activity details

“Inflatable Canoe Backpack”

Informations :

To be done independently.
Only on the Verdon lakes.
Forbidden on the river.
The boats can be picked up at the Huttopia campsite in the Gorges du Verdon.

Requirements :

Know how to swim and be comfortable in the water

Equipment needed:

Sport shoes
A swimsuit
A bottle of water
Sun glasses
Beach towel

We provide:

Canoe Thaya and its storage bag,
Foldable paddles,
Life jackets,
Waterproof container.

Rent your Inflatable Canoe BackPack and explore the Lakes of Verdon

Fancy a relaxing trip along the water in autonomy? Taste the calm of Provence and the “farniente” of the South during a day with our canoe rental in the Verdon .

To go and enjoy the exceptional panoramas offered by the Lake of Sainte-Croix and the end of Verdon Gorge or to discover the decor of a high altitude lake in Castillon , we offer to rent you a complete inflatable canoe equipment.

These two lakes near Castellane have made the reputation of the Verdon! Imagine their turquoise, warm waters, in the scenery of Provence, the limestone cliffs, the calm… You are already there! All you have to do is reserve your boat with Haute Provence Outdoor .

Equipment new, quality (Gumotex) to go on your own to the most beautiful gorges and lakes in Provence.

A complete kit and detailed explanations for easy assembly.

The tranquility of having your equipment with you for the day: no waiting at the lake and you are sure to have your rental!

Canoes with 2 adult places.

For optimal comfort, the packs we offer for hire are as complete as possible, come and pick them up directly to our office!

Our kits include:

  • Gumotex Inflatable Canoe,
  • Inflators,
  • Paddles,
  • Life jackets,
  • Waterproof container,
  • Topo-guides.

You will find in addition and to guide you a leaflet detailing the procedure to follow and with all the good addresses for take full advantage of your rental !

How to prepare your Gumotex boat? :

Haute Provence Outdoor, offers you this video presenting all the stages of preparation of your Gumotex (Thaya) inflatable boat. Please follow in order, the different steps mentioned throughout the video. If you encounter problems or difficulties, refer to the explanatory manual that was provided to you, if any time you do not solve your problem you can reach us ( by sms ) at the number indicated at the bottom of the cover page of the manual .

Chapters : 00:00 – PREPARATION 00:10 – The Paddles 00:31 – The Drift 00:55 – The Electric Pump 01:06 – Valves 01:14 – Pre inflation 01:51 – The Hand Pump 02:09 – The pressure 02:36 – STORAGE 02:52 – The Deflation 03:12 – Remove Drift 03:22 – Store the Canoe 03:59 – Safety instructions

Where to sail on the Verdon lakes? :

Once you have picked up your boat and your equipment at our reception chalet, all you have to do is set off on an adventure to discover the Verdon lakes . We recommend two lakes in particular:

Castillon Lake, a typical mountain lake, wilder and less frequented, is the ideal place to spend the day with the family. Various lake stops selected, accessible on map. Enjoy scenic spots around, perfect for pausing and admiring nature’s beauty.

The lake of Sainte-Croix , world famous, it allows you at the Galetas bridge, to visit the end of the Verdon Grand Canyon for about 2 km and to navigate in peace between its impressive limestone cliffs. You will still have to be careful and slalom between the many pedal boats and electric boats. If you are looking for a bit of tranquility, we have made a small selection for you.

Do you want to discover the Grand Canyon in immersion? Book your aqua hike outing .


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"Inflatable Canoe Backpack"6to swim 25 mWhole day50€


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to swim 25 m
Whole day
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