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The LEADER Program

The LEADER Program

The establishment of the “Guided tourist tour on an all-terrain electric scooter” was born thanks to the support from the EAFRD “European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development“. Europe invests in rural areas through the program LEADER (Link Between Rural Economy Development Actions).

What is the LEADER program?

It is a European program, co-financed by the European Union and the region, which aims to support the development of rural areas carrying a local development strategy. This program is financed by the FEADER (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development). Indeed, it gives the territories a framework conducive to the emergence of collective and quality projects. The objective is to promote the development of rural areas .

How does the LEADER program work?

It is supported by a Local Action Group (LAG) which provides support and follow-up for project leaders. The LAG is responsible for drawing up the local development strategy, coordinating, selecting operations and evaluating the actions implemented in the territory.

The idea emerged in 2020: Develop guided tourist circuits on all-terrain electric scooters!

What is the electric scooter?

This is a new leisure activity, allowing the discovery of the territory from a new angle. Through very little frequented routes, mixing culture, mobility and heritage.

The objective is to take very little frequented routes (off the roads and major axes). In order to allow the discovery of the region from another angle, as well as the distribution of tourist frequentation on the territory.

It is to discover the unmissable places of the region, while minimizing the environmental impact and tourist overcrowding. The aim is to offering an alternative to the car to get to these places with very high human influx.

It is to allow local producers and craftsmen to make themselves known to the general public by sharing their passion and their know-how .

We want to make this activity as accessible as possible (families with children, communities, discovery classes, etc.). And thus democratize an innovative, ecological means of transport, which is still very inaccessible today.

Unique, innovative, atypical and in harmony with nature! These 100% electric scooters with their devastating look are sure to seduce young and old alike.

This project combines culture, nature and roaming ! Moreover, it’s a new way to conquer our territory and discover all its hidden corners with an eco-responsible behavior.

It responds to a mobility constraint, through its roaming. By offering people the possibility of using alternative means of transport to the car. Or, traveling through a wild part of the territory which is more difficult to access.

Then, we propose circuits, with fixed starting points, near transportation hubs (railway station, bus station, etc.). And, at times correlating with public transport (time of departure from activity scheduled for the time of arrival of the bus or train, and time of return from activity scheduled on the hour departure of the train or bus).

No equivalent activity today exists in our territory .

Besides, everything is done to ensure that local life (producers, craftsmen, transport) is in line with the development of the tourism sector. Therefore of our activity and that it best meets the criteria of this program.

The advantages of the LEADER program

Thanks to LEADER, we have the honor of highlighting the local players in our region, making them known and supporting them through the tourism sector. The support provided by Europe to our project is €25,797.13 excluding VAT, co-financed by the region and this is what has enabled this marvelous project to see the light of day.

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