Rafting Verdon – Point Sublime – Sporting Course

“Sublime Point”
– Sport course

Activity details

Rafting Verdon – «Point Sublime» – Sporty course

Informations :

From 12 years old.

The activity takes place on the Verdon river.

Activity only possible on days when the dam upstream of the river is open:

July / August: Tuesday – Friday.

Rest of the year: Information communicated by EDF the day before for the following day.

Requirements :

Be in good physical condition and not suffer from any medical contraindication to the practice of sport.

Know how to swim and be comfortable in the water.

Equipment needed:

A good pair of sneakers – Mandatory
A swimsuit, Shorts
A towel
A bag for dry items
A bottle of water
A cord for glasses (2€ on site) or contact lenses

We provide:

Full neopren wetsuit
Safety equipment

Presentation of the Sports rafting activity in the Gorges du Verdon

Dive into the heart of the Gorges du Verdon , the adventure begins in Castellane . As you navigate, the course culminates at the entrance to the Samson Corridor below Point Sublime , offering breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon

With this rafting course for sports enthusiasts , will the bravest dare to challenge the intrepid waters of the Verdon? On board your raft, come and test your temerity in the great Gorges!

What is the Point Sublime course?

The descent takes place for half a day on the Verdon river , departing from our Haute Provence Outdoor base, 10 minutes from Castellane .

The sporty rafting course of the “Point Sublime” is surely the most spectacular descent of the Gorges du Verdon. Embark on an adventure of 14 km or approximately 3h30 of activity – 1h45 on the water – supervised by a guide who will be able to pass on to you his passion for whitewater activities and his knowledge of the Gorges du Verdon.

Let yourself be carried away on an adventure where the great limestone cliffs seem to touch the heavens, while majestic vultures soar gracefully above your head, accompanying your journey along the Verdon Grand Canyon .

You will make your way on one of the most beautiful rafting courses there is. Your trip will find its apotheosis at the entrance to the Verdon Grand Canyon in front of the mysterious Samson Corridor , where the turbulent waters will guide you with a promise of discovery and unforgettable thrills.

You will discover in rafting, the most emblematic and sporty part of the Gorges du Verdon, in the most beautiful way! Quieter passages will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking panorama while sections with rapids will make the descent more sporty and fun . This descent is also practiced, for the most experienced, in a single or two-seater canoe kayak .

Arrival is at the entrance of the famous Samson corridor below the Sublime Point , where begins the Grand Canyon .

At the end of the course, a last effort is necessary to carry the raft with the guide. The effort will remain collective! The view from the parking lot will give you goosebumps!

Your instructor is there for your safety, giving instructions and adapting the course for your pleasure. On the program,laughter and spectacular landscapes await you !

When can I go sport rafting?

Rafting in the Verdon depends on the opening of the EDF dam upstream of Castellane. In July and August, outings are only possible on Tuesdays and Fridays .

For the months of May, June and September , we only know 24 hours in advance if the dam will be open. If it is closed, we suggest you postpone the activity or go on an aqua hike .

How is the activity going?

We meet at our base located just next to the Huttopia “Gorges du Verdon” campsite 10 minutes before the time indicated in your confirmation email. There you will meet your instructor (guide). Remember to bring your bathing suit , sports shoes and a towel with you. But especially not neoprene water shoes!

We have changing rooms for you to change and leave your belongings , we recommend that you do not take your valuables such as the telephone and leave them in your car or rental.

During your journey, you will be able to see a photographer at the edge of the river . It is either Verdon Photo or Verdon Pictures . Then all you have to do is go to their shop or on the internet to develop your most beautiful memories!

Your guide will give you your equipment, once equipped, after a briefing and safety instructions, we will go directly to the edge of the river for the start of our descent.

After about 1h30 of descent , you will arrive at the entrance of the famous Samson corridor , just below the Point Sublime .

The Grand Canyon stands in front of you: enjoy the grandiose panorama ! Before returning, you will have to assist your instructor to transport the raft to the mini-bus. After this operation, you will once again be able to enjoy a breathtaking view…

We will then bring you back to the campsite where you can collect your belongings.

Point Sublime: the obstacle course

This rafting course on the Verdon is reserved for the most sporty and experienced , the rapids are more powerful with class 3+ passages. It remains accessible with family or friends , ideal for your bachelor and bachelorette parties !

Physical rafting course, aimed at a public with a good sporting condition , it is accessible to children from the age of 12.

More technical than the discovery course, the sublime point course requires having a good team to help the guide maneuver the raft but also to carry the boat.

Indeed, at the end of the activity, a last collective effort will be necessary to help the guide to deflate, roll and carry the boat to the mini-bus . Thus, we will need your arms one last time!

You have exceeded your limits and you want to start again, come and discover the spectacular canyon of Riolan . This sporty day course, ranked in the top 10 of the most beautiful canyons in Europe, will bring you a good dose of adrenaline.


 Age requisPrérequisDuréePrix
«Point Sublime»12To swim 25m3:3060€


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