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Rafting Verdon

Rafting on the Verdon – The beauty of the Gorges du Verdon

The gorges du verdon is first of all the largest canyon in Europe … just that ! Of unequaled beauty, it offers one of the most admirable landscapes of the PACA region. Imagine: in the heart of the green province, the gorges 700 meters deep by location.

And at the bottom flows a river: the Verdon. Taking its source in the Southern Alps, this course amazes with its magnificent colors. Sometimes emerald, sometimes turquoise, the Verdon travels from the high mountains , through the impressive cliffs of the gorges to flow into the Durance. It is a delight for the eyes. An unmissable natural and wild spectacle of the pre-Alps. But not only: it is also a famous place for the practice of water sports.

Lovers of outdoor recreation and whitewater activities will have a blast. Canoeing , canyoning , swimming, aqua-rando, Trott’Elec … Unless you are interested in rafting? Don’t worry, our competent, friendly, and professional team is ready to accompany you in this thrilling leisure activity, ensuring complete safety throughout.

We welcome you on booking : contact us for more information!

Panorama on the Verdon river

Rafting: what is it?

It is one of the water sports but it is also a hobby. Rafting is practiced in the great outdoors, in rivers with strong currents. On board an inflatable boat (called raft ), it’s about paddling down the stream.

Team spirit is important: up to 8 people can maneuver the craft to challenge rapids.
Don’t panic: our experienced guide is here to help!

HPO ( Haute-Provence Outdoor )offers the opportunity to paddle while under the guidance of a skilled professional, allowing you to navigate down the Verdon River. Of course, in addition to the paddles, we will provide you with life jackets and helmets… And our team’s smiles are included!

(Haute-Provence Outdoor) offers the opportunity to paddle while under the guidance of a skilled professional, allowing you to navigate down the Verdon River.

We advise you to come by reservation and let’s go for the adventure. With family, friends or alone: we necessarily have the formula that suits you. This activity is accessible to all on the condition of knowing how to swim .

Rafting on the Verdon - PACA

The verdon: ideal river for rafting

What river is the most suitable for the practice of this activity?
It is with a hint of chauvinism that we dare to say it: the Verdon is the best place in Europe for rafting.

You will find rapids suitable for beginners or more experienced . And in addition, you will have the chance to practice this hobby in a fabulous landscape of streams and steep cliffs . An exceptional mineral and aquatic decor.

And since it’s not just sport, you can also relax and enjoy clear water perfect for swimming!

Rafting the Verdon river - PACA

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