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Canyoning in the Gorges du Verdon

Let yourself be tempted by canyoning in the Gorges du Verdon

Embark on the great canyoning adventure

Do you have a taste for risk? Adventure ? Have you always dreamed of thrills? Are you only thriving in the middle of nature? Look no further, you absolutely must canyoning in the Gorges du Verdon.

For novices who do not know what canyoning is, we offer you a small remedial session. Indeed, canyoning is a complete sport that combines fun outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and swimming in the mountains, rivers of the Verdon.

Whether you are beginners, thrill seekers or more athletic, several courses are possible according to your desires: the Haut-Jabron, the Gours du Ray, the Saint-Auban, the Riolan

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Canyoning Verdon - the reminder of the Jabron

Who is canyoning for?

If the adventure tempts you but you are afraid of not being experienced enough, above all, fear not! Canyoning is accessible to anyone who is looking for thrills. And you will not be let down at any time unknown since an authorized instructor will guide you through each step.

Canyoning will give you all the adrenaline you need by combining fun activities such as zip lines, abseiling, toboggans and jumps. You will also allow you to discover the incredible landscapes sheltered by the Verdon, from sumptuous rivers to refreshing waterfalls.

Go canyoning in complete safety

If you still hesitate to get started in canyoning, also know that the Gorges du Verdon offers courses entirely adapted to your desires but also to your level! A simple discussion with your instructor should be enough to find out which route is right for you.

Please note that the equipment that will be lent to you to ensure your progress on the various outdoor courses is washed after each excursion. But it is also recent and in accordance with safety standards, and suitable for all types of body type.

Combine your passion for sport with the discovery of nature

With the arrival of fine weather, the temperatures will quickly rise and will allow you to practice your favorite sporting activity in the heart of nature. If the current health situation worries you and prevents you from doing indoor sport as you used to, the practice of canyoning in the open air will allow you to maintain your physical shape and take adequate precautions to preserve your health.

In addition, playing sports will no longer only be synonymous with improving your physical condition, but it will also be an open door to discovering the best that nature has to offer. Canyoning will allow you to discover fabulous waterfalls and landscapes like you have never seen before.

Do you prefer a less aquatic and drier activity? Come and test the Trott’Elec to discover the village of Trigance.

Canyon verdon - Aiglun

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