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Canyoning VS Aquatic Hiking

Canyoning VS Aquatic Hiking

What is canyoning?

Canyoning is a vertical activity where the evolution is from a high point to a low point. Where you alternate walking, jumps, abseiling, natural slides and sometimes even zip lines.

While following the instructions of the guide who accompanies you. You will be full of sensations and adrenaline depending on the route you choose.

Ideal if you have a sense of adventure!

What is aquatic hiking ?

More aquatic and less technical than canyoning, aquatic hiking is an activity without verticality. The evolution is done in the water from the bed of the river. Letting yourself float on your back and be carried by the current. It is also possible to make many jumps while climbing on rocks and cliffs (optional).

The aqua hike is also the only way to enter the Grand Canyon du Verdon in order to admire the cliffs that rise above our eyes and perhaps to see the vultures in full flight.

What are the differences ?

CategoriesAquatic hikeCanyoning
ObstaclesNo obstacles are requiredMost obstacles are mandatory. Some can be bypassed depending on the route chosen
EquipmentFull neoprene wetsuit, neoprene socks, helmet, ski pants and life vestNeoprene full suit, neoprene socks, helmet and harness
TermsKnow how to swim, be comfortable in the water and be in good physical conditionNot be dizzy and be in good physical condition
EnvironmentIn the Verdon river (Grandes Gorges and/or the Grand Canyon du Verdon). Wide and less confined spacesIn one of the canyons east of Castellane, with often narrow and steep passages with sometimes a little caving.

Where are they practiced?

Aquatic hiking : this activity is practiced from the bed of the river in the Verdon. You have the choice to find the route that suits you: Tusset , the Couloir Samson or the Imbut .

Canyoning : This activity is practiced in one of the canyons to the east of Castellane such as the Jabron, the Loup, the Gours du Ray, the Saint-Auban, the Riolan or even the Aiglun.

Which audience for which activity?

The variety of routes offered in Canyoning and Aquatic Hiking allows access to a wide and differentiated public.

Depending on the circuits, the descents are more or less steep and technical. This makes these two activities accessible and suitable for everyone according to their age and level.

The only conditions are to know how to swim, not to be dizzy in case of canyoning and to be in good physical condition.

Canyoning, is it dangerous?

From the moment the canyoning is supervised by professional and state-certified guides. The activity is secure and remains completely accessible to all.

Canyoning is slightly more technical than aqua hiking with the use of ropes but remains accessible to as many people as possible.

The particularity of this activity is the exposure to verticality. You should therefore not be dizzy and be in good physical condition so as not to find yourself in difficulty in the canyon.

Rando Aqua, are there any sensations?

There are as many sensations in aquatic hiking as in canyoning. During this activity, you will experience the power of water with its currents and its more or less rapid speed depending on the location.

Moreover, you will evolve at its own pace by letting yourself float, carried by the current and by making jumps for the more daring. You will also have time to contemplate the beautiful protected and preserved landscape that surrounds you.

Remember that it’s not every day that you find yourself in the middle of the Gorges du Verdon 😉!

So, what is your profile best suited to? Book your activity in Rando Aqua or Canyoning !

How does the aqua hike activity take place?

Depending on the route chosen, (Couloir Samson & Pont de Tusset), the meeting point is at our equipment area located next to the Huttopia campsite. Here, our guides welcome you and equip you for the activity. Except for that of Imbut , where the meeting point is at the Auberge des Cavaliers.

Equip yourself, leave your personal belongings on the spot and leave by shuttle for about 10 km of road. Once there, you will take a short walk to warm up and reach the river.

A short safety briefing is given by the guide at the water’s edge.

It will then be time to get in the water and let yourself be guided and float while admiring the majestic landscape of the Verdon.

Once finished, you get out of the water and walk back to join the shuttle that will take you back to our equipment area.

Once the equipment is returned, you can resume your business and continue the course of your day with stars in your eyes!

How does the canyoning activity take place?

Meet at the address indicated in the confirmation email (the meeting point differs depending on the route chosen).

The guide will welcome you and give you the necessary equipment to put on: wetsuit, helmet and harness and you will set off on foot to reach the canyon.

Once down, take the time to taste the water, the guide will give you some safety instructions, some advice on the use of the harness and the ropes.

You will then leave for the descent of the canyon where you will alternate walking, jumps, abseiling…

Once finished, you will take off your equipment and head back to the original starting point.

Arrived at the top, it’s time to return your equipment and say goodbye to the guide.

These two activities are ideal to do with the family but also for bachelor parties (EVG and young girls (EVJF)!

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