Atypical villages

The village of Demandolx

Visit Demandolx, a hilltop village in a beautiful natural setting

Planted at an altitude of nearly 1,200 meters, the village of Demandolx overlooks Lake Chaudanne and Lake Castillon.

If you are visiting the Verdon, do not hesitate to stop off at Demandolx! In this village populated by a hundred souls, you will be able to appreciate the calm and the charm of the small alleys. Without forgetting of course the exceptional view of Chaudanne lakes and Castillon lake whose azure color mingles with the green of the vegetation.

Pretty houses and a sublime view of the lakes

In the alleys of the center of Demandolx, you can stroll and discover pretty little houses with colorful shutters and flower gardens and renovated or old barns. You will also come across the ruins of a medieval castle and a church on your way.

After visiting Demanldox, you can also stop over at Castellane , a very pretty village located about ten kilometers away. Demanldox can also be the starting point for hiking trails.

Ruine de Demandolx - Barrage de Castillon