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The Robion

Mont Robion

The summit of Robion

The Robion is one of the highest peaks around Castellane , it culminates at 1660 m .

This mountain dominates the Gorges du Verdon and offers a 360° panorama. You will find severalTreks to climb to its summit or go around it. This mountain presents two different sides, the north side is wooded and rounded, the south side is very vertical, and you can find the Chapel of St Trophine hidden under a rock.

You have the choice between two main routes , one will take you directly to the summit and the other will take you around the mountain, taking you through the village of Robion and Petit Robion . And from there you can also access the Sainte Torphine chapel.

In order to climb the summit you will have to pass in front of the old swimming pool of Castellane in the direction of Le Bourguet , a small winding road will take you to the level of a small car park where you can park. Here you will find yellow hiking signsthat show you very well the path to take to get to the top. It will take you about 4 hours to climb to the magnificent viewpoint.

Once at the top of the summit of Robion, in the direction of the North, North-West you will be able to admire a mountain landscape with in the North-West the curve that the Verdon river takes and the Verdon gorges which form this landscape. While heading north, if you are lucky enough to have very clear weather, you can admire the beginning of the Southern Alps , with these peaks sometimes still snow- capped .

On the other side, towards the South, South-East you will admire a completely different landscape: less mountainous, where you will be able to notice a lot more plains . Indeed this landscape extends towards the Mediterranean and benefits from a completely different climate: the vegetation is much drier in this area.

You will also be able to notice that the Rafting and Canoe-Kayak course, starting from Castellane , runs along the mountain of Robion on its right and almost goes around. The Verdon river therefore has the particularity of having this mountain on its left bank for several kilometres .

Notre Dame du Roc - Castellane Alpes de haute Provence

This mountain sits at the crossroads of Alpine and Provencal tectonics and shows evidence of the force of nature with beautiful folds and tangles. The relief around Castellane was formed with the creation of the Alps during the Tertiary era, forming part of the Jurassic limestone zone of the Préalpes de Provence .

The limestone rocks continue along the Verdon and thus give rise to the spectacular gorges and the canyon . The protection zone of the Haute-Provence geological nature reserve also covers the town of Castellane and therefore Mount Robion.

mount robion
Mount Robion seen from the top of Mount Destourbe

The hamlet of the little Robion

Since 1973, the hamlet of Robion has been attached to the municipality of Castellane. In 1906 this village had no less than a hundred inhabitants . To date, it is estimated that there are only about ten people who lives all year round. Currently this small hamlet has developed into lodges in order to welcome tourists during the summer season . The hamlet of Robion is divided into two small hamlets, to the east we will find the “little Robion”, and to the west we have “the great Robion”, between these two hamlets is the church “Notre Dame of the Immaculate Conception ”. You should know that this small hamlet alone has a church and two chapels.

Robion: The small village with two Chapels

  • The Saint-Thyrse chapel : classified historical monument.

This chapel dating from the 10th century, is unfortunately no longer accessible to the general public because it is in the process of being renovated. This chapel was the old parish church of the town of Robion, before it was merged with Castellane. This chapel was classified as a historical monument in 1944, after having been summarily consolidated two years earlier, in 1942 by Father Garnier. Then in the 2000s infiltration problems were noticed and were the subject of emergency work, which is why today visits are no longer authorized.

  • The Saint-Trophime chapel : The troglodyte chapel.

This chapel perched at the top of the mountain is located at the level of the bars of the mountain of Robion. It is only accessible on foot by taking a steep path at the level of the small hamlet of Robion. She was renovated in 1999 thanks to the support of anonymous, friends, and relatives in order to preserve this heritage you can admire paintings as well as a small bench inside.

Castellane, the village of many mountains

Around Castellane you will find another hike for Mount Destourbe at 1545 m a little more accessible than Mount Robion, the climb is gradual and offers beautiful views of the Chaudanne reservoir and then spectacular views, once you reach the top, with The vultures that hover over you.

If you want to walk only two short hours there is the climb to theRoc of Castellane with its church which dominates the village at 895m. It is an accessible climb for families with a visit to the ruined city of Pietra castellana .

Castellane Gorges du Verdon - le Roc

Haute Provence Outdoor also invites you to explore the region with a guided tour around the village of Trigance on an electric scooter. Accompanied by a passionate nature guide, he will tell you the story of the Gorges du Verdon

Some activities around Castellane

Haute Provence Outdoor offers you various activities to discover the region around Castellane such as rafting , kayaking , aqua hiking and even Trott’Elec . With family, friends, whether you are looking for beginner or more sporty courses, there is something for everyone!

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