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The fishermen’s trail

The fishermen’s trail: a dive into the secret of the Gorges du Verdon

This very pretty hike forms an 8 km loop for 650 meters of vertical drop. You can observe a beautiful waterfall, caves, walk along the Verdon, and discover very rich vegetation.

The start of the fishermen’s trail is at the Colle de l’Olivier car park, between the villages of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie and La Palud-sur-Verdon. This hike is rather short but its elevation is quite significant. Don’t forget to bring good shoes and a sufficient supply of water!

Starting from the road located at an altitude of over 700 meters, you gradually descend to the bed of the Verdon (480 meters above sea level). The undulations are numerous and you will have the feeling of riding a roller coaster! But at every turn, you will be blown away by the stunning scenery. Besides, the trail is not very long but allow enough time to stop and enjoy the view!

Panorama on the Verdon river

A path along the Verdon with lush vegetation

Arrived at the level of the Verdon, you will see the river with the typical blue color rush through a narrow passage. You can then enjoy a refreshing picnic break in this bucolic and wooded environment … A small path carved out by water will then lead you to a superb waterfall . Take some time to explore the waterfalls and cave. Many walkers pass by without seeing it … Be careful because it is really worth the detour!

After a few rather difficult switchbacks, with multiple ascents and descents , you will arrive at the meadow Maurin, a place where a certain tranquility reigns. You can catch your breath there and enjoy a beautiful panorama of the canyon .

Other switchbacks await you to complete the course which sometimes gives the impression of never ending. Fortunately, the scenery is still breathtaking! The fauna and the flora are particularly interesting on this course. You will have the possibility in several places to reach the bed of the Verdon, and why not take a dip there!

Chamois on an aqua hike in the Verdon gorges
Vultures in the verdon

Practical information to get started (currently closed on 01/16/2020)

● Markings: yellow

● Distance: 8 km

● Elevation gain: 548 m

● Duration: 2h30

● Difficulty: medium

● Provide at least 2 liters of water per person and good walking shoes.

Do you want to vary the pleasures and change your activity? Come and discover the Moyen Verdon from another angle, by rafting , for example, for families or for sports enthusiasts or even discover the canyon with aquatic hiking . If you are looking for something dry, come visit us in the beautiful village of Annot and discover the Deval’Bike or the village of Trigance with the Trott’Elec .

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