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The Imbut trail

The Imbut trail: a spectacular and sporty hike

The Imbut trail is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Verdon, but also one of the most sporting which will offer you thrills!

As the Blanc Martel trail , the Imbut trail is one of the essentials of the sector ! You will discover the sublime landscapes of the Gorges du Verdon, as well as small secret places (for the bravest!). The course is 6 to 8 kilometers depending on the options you choose. It takes between 4 and 6 hours of walking with a drop of 340 meters downhill and 400 meters uphill.

The starting point is at the Cavaliers car park in the town of Aiguines. After a few minutes of walking, you will find yourself at the level of the Cavaliers cliff. From there you will descend by multiple switchbacks to the Verdon river , up to the Passerelle de l’Estellié. If you want to join the Blanc Martel trail , you can cross the bridge. Otherwise, you will have to continue along the Verdon on this side of the bank. The trail then rises up to 50 meters above the water. You will come across a famous juniper whose age is estimated at two or three thousand years . Take the opportunity to take a break because the view of the Verdon at this location is superb!

Imbut trail - Verdon Gorges
L'imbut - The Heart of the Grand Canyon du Verdon

To see: the Styx and the Baou Béni

You then begin a descent that will lead you to a another point of interest: the Styx , a small canyon located in the Grand Canyon du Verdon. Observe the basins hollowed out by erosion in the limestone rock and the emerald green of the Verdon… It’s beautiful!

Rando Aqua - The imbut jump of the Styx corridor

Continuing on, you will then reach the “ crossing the bad ford “or” maugé », Made up of a superb pile of rocks. Then you will arrive at the large ledge, which overlooks the Verdon river from about twenty meters.

Then you will continue your way among the oaks and box trees and climb up to the intersection of the Vidal trail, which you can take to complete this hike. The other option is to continue the Imbut trail (if you don’t feel too tired!) You will then follow the cliff in the middle of the woods to the Imbut. From there, you can walk along the rocks on the left in order to go towards Baou Béni. This little secret beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the Verdon! You can enjoy a well-deserved rest there.

To leave, you will have to retrace your steps to the Imbut then return to the intersection with the Vidal trail. It is in fact by taking this path that you will end the Imbut Path.

Practical information to get started

● Distance: between 4 and 6 km

● Positive elevation: 340 m

● Duration: between 4 and 6 h

● Trail not recommended for children under 10 years old and prohibited for pets

● Provide at least 2 liters of water per person and good walking shoes.