The Verdon river

The Haut Verdon

Haut Verdon: a well-kept secret that comes to light in the spring

Less known, the Haut Verdon Valley offers splendid landscapes of villages and of mountain peaks. It is ideal for rafting during the spring season.

Those who know the Gorges du Verdon have not finished being dazzled by the region! The Haut Verdon Valley offers superb landscapes of forests, waterfalls, mountains and alpine villages, in which the Verdon river crisscrosses. More unknown to tourists, it will delight lovers of nature and a mountain and wild atmosphere … always hungry for thrills!

Melting snow and natural water flow

The Haut Verdon Valley is located between the ski resort of Val d’Allos, where the Verdon river has its source, and the village of Saint-André-les-Alpes. The river is only practiced part of the year since it is not regulated by dams , unlike the part of the Gorges du Verdon. This is how you can discover it in the spring. When the winter snows melt and turn into water, the level of the Haut Verdon river increases, as does its flow. These natural conditions are then ideal for the practice of rafting or canoeing. .

Waterfalls, rapids and wild landscapes

Several rafting courses are accessible, depending on the level of the river, between the villages of Beauvezer and Saint-André-les-Alpes. Narrower and deeper than the part of the Gorges du Verdon, it offers many rapids . The turns follow one another, and you will have multiple waves to face! You will also discover all along the route sublime waterfalls gushing into the river…

Depending on the snow cover and weather conditions, the descent can be made in April, May and / or June . Do not hesitate to contact our teams who can provide you with more information to take full advantage of this beautiful course!

If the water flow is not sufficient for rafting and canoeing, then there is still the possibility of visiting the Gorges du Verdon with the aqua hike!

And if you prefer to stay dry, Haute Provence Outdoor offers other activities to explore the region such as the Deval’Bike in the village of Annot or the Trott’Elec in Trigance.

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