Deval’bike activity in the Gorges du Verdon


Hit the Provençal slopes from the village of Annot.

Located at an altitude of 700 m, Annot is near the Gorges du Verdon and the Mercantour National Park. What attracts lovers of downhill mountain biking who will be able to discover a new activity with the Déval’Bike!

Activity accessible to all

The Deval’Bike is the new nature activity that will take you off the beaten track and take a deep breath of fresh air!

Explore the slopes in the Annot mountain with this downhill scooter.

Without a pedal (your shins will appreciate), this machine sometimes called the All-Terrain Trottin’herbe (or all-terrain scooter), is similar to a DH MTB, a cousin of cycling.

Thanks to a low center of gravity, 20-inch tires, hydraulic disc brakes and the comfort offered by its front and rear suspension, you will be full of sensations and enjoy a sublime setting all along the forest tracks of the national forest. by Glandèves.

Accessible to all, this activity is a gentle, stable and fun means of mobility to discover in complete safety and over the unevenness, a protected and unspoiled space: let yourself be carried by the landscapes of the country of Annot.

Passing through the Verdon, with friends, family, alone or as a couple, in search of thrills or to simply discover the activity, take in the view and let yourself be seduced by exceptional panoramas on the sandstones of ‘Annot and on the Regional Natural Park of Mercantour!

Downhill Bike Vs MTB

More maneuverable and easier to pilot than a mountain bike, the Déval’Bike is very fun! Particularly suitable for the youngest, the all-terrain scooter goes everywhere and does not require special technical skills. And, unlike mountain biking, this new downhill scooter offers thrills in complete safety. Indeed, thanks to its wider wheels, it offers much better stability. Whether you are novices or experienced mountain bikers, you will find your happiness during our walks through the pays du Verdon.

Summer hikes: replace mountain biking with Déval’Bike

More stable and easier to handle than a mountain bike, the Déval’Bike is suitable for everyone and becomes the ideal machine for summer hikes. Young and old, beginners or not, everyone comes together to share an unforgettable moment by descending the slopes of the marked trails of our summer hikes. Take in the view, discover the magnificent panoramas of our natural sites on an all-terrain scooter!

Déval’Bike course for an anthology of sensations!

During your Déval’Bike ride, you will be filled with sensations of all kinds! Like mountain biking, the all-terrain scooter takes you whatever the path! From small dirt roads to mountain trails, from hilly paths to stony tracks, through the forest or through grassy clearings, our routes are rich and varied in terms of sensations. Lovers of moguls or long descents, on ridges and in climbs, each rider will share the pleasure of adrenaline! Between speed, wonder and fun, the Déval’Bike ride makes you find your child’s soul! In the heart of nature, you will discover majestic and breathtaking landscapes! So, are you ready to replace the mountain bike with the Déval’Bike to hurtle down our summits on marked paths? Do not hesitate, whether you are a junior, a beginner or not, at HPO, your instructor supervises and accompanies you throughout your journey and makes your hike an unforgettable memory and experience!

  • Saut en deval'bike verdon


Young girl on a downhill bike in the verdon

Taste exclusively this new sporting and fun activity offering unforgettable sensations while providing a minimum of physical effort.

Whether you are looking for extreme sensations, or you are simply looking for a ride at the controls of an innovative machine, the Deval’bike is your new way to discover the mountain on other mountain bike circuits and marked routes!

Treat yourself to a dream half-day on an incredibly rich playground!


  • Qualityequipment, maintained and clean.
  • Complete and suitable protective equipment is provided for your safety.
  • Courses that adjust to your level.
  • Experienced professionals, connoisseurs of the mountain, who like to share their passion.
  • Full support from the meeting point.

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Saut en deval'bike verdon

Deval’Bike – «Pays d’Annot»

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