The Verdon

The Grand Canyon du Verdon

Don’t miss the Grand Canyon, a breathtaking place!

Digged for millennia by the Verdon river, the Grand Canyon is one of the largest and highest canyons in Europe.

Up to 700 meters high

The Grand Canyon du Verdon attracts a crowd of tourists every year, and for good reason: in places it reaches up to 700 meters high , which makes it one of the largest canyons in Europe! It is the erosion of limestone by the Verdon river which has shaped such a landscape over time. A narrow corridor, whose maximum width reaches 12 meters , leads there, it is the Samson corridor . During your ride in Aqua hike , you will also encounter a huge boulder: “ the solitary “. Stranded in the middle of this corridor, it weighs several tons.

The Grand Canyon du Verdon - PACA region
Sunrise on the Verdon plateaus

The three parts of the Gorges du Verdon

The Grand Canyon du Verdon is located after the Tusset Bridge, between the villages of Rougon and of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie . This is the place where the Gorges du Verdon tighten and the cliffs take height.

The zoned called the Gorges du Verdon is located Between Castellane and the lake of Sainte-Croix .

They are themselves divided into three parts:

  • The pre-gorges, which stretch from Castellane to Pont de Soleils
  • The gorges, from Pont de Soleils to Imbut
  • Finally, the Grand Canyon, which goes from the Imbut to the Pont de Galetas

The Gorges du Verdon reach between 250 and 700 meters high , at the level of the Grand Canyon. The Verdon river, for its part, occupies a width of 6 to 100 meters.

How to see the Grand Canyon du Verdon?

For the discover , several options are available to you. You can follow the course of the Verdon by reserving an aquatic hiking session such as that of the Imbut in the heart of the Grand Canyon. You will gradually see the cliffs close in on you and be amazed by their heights! There are also superb hiking trails such as the Martel trail or the Imbut trail as well as a brand new activity located at the crossroads of the Gorges du Verdon, in the village of Trigance: the Trott’Elec !

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