Aqua trekking activity in the Gorges du Verdon

Aqua trekking

The aquatic hike or aqua-rando is the essential activity to do to explore the Verdon differently!

Aqua trekking Gorges du Verdon

Much more than a simple walk, and much more than a simple walk, the water hike where aqua-rando is essential activity to discover to explore the Gorges du Verdon differently!

Discover the aquatic hike in the Gorges du Verdon

Snorkeling is definitely one of the most playful to discover the famous Grand Canyon du Verdon with its crystal clear waters and his big cliffs limestone to make your head spin.

It is also the only way to penetrate in the heart of the biggest Canyon from Europe ! Wake up the adventurer who sleeps in you and come and discover a grandiose panorama that will take your breath away!

Walking, Swimming, Floating and Jumping in the Gorges du Verdon

Set of gorges dug by the Verdon , river taking its source near the Col d’Allos, the Verdon Gorge offer you breathtaking views and grandiose panoramas!

You will be taken away by the beauty and diversity of the site. We invite you to discover this part of the region by aqua-rando: walk , swim , float and jump (for the more daring and the most intrepid!) in bowls of turquoise water.

Treat yourself to a good dose of unforgettable sensations and memories full of head to share with family .

Aquatic Hike Vs Canyoning

Similar to canyoning activity that we also offer, the aquatic hike in the Verdon gorges, or aqua-rando remains less technical and committed that the canyoning . Therefore it is suitable for more audiences.

In aquatic hiking, no ropes are necessary and all obstacles can be avoided.

It is an activity which is therefore accessible from the age of 6 , for little wolves thirsty for adventure!

Complete, playful and totally secure , the aquatic hike in the Verdon gorges will know meet all your expectations of discovery and adventure whether you are alone in Group or with family! Do not wait any longer, trust our teams and discover our different routes!


Aqua trekking Verdon - Child course

Totally insured by our safety equipment (neoprene suits, life jacket, helmet …) you can embark serenely on an aquatic hike in the Gorges du Verdon which will remain engraved in your memory .

Let yourself be carried away by the flowing waters of the river to the wildest sites of the Verdon region.

Breathe at the top of my lungs clean Air , enjoy, have fun and especially take full eyes !


  • Of clean combinations , washed after each outing with natural products.
  • Transport support from the campsite.
  • Of experienced guides and entertaining to accompany you during your aquatic hike and who share with you their knowledge of the Verdon region.
  • Enjoy all the amenities of a **** Huttopia campsite (sanitary facilities, wifi, snack bar, bar, restaurant, etc.)
  • Of adapted routes at all levels to discover the Gorges du Verdon and the Grand Canyon!
  • Surprises throughout your aquatic hike in the Verdon gorges.

Good to know

The aquatic hike in the Verdon depends on the closure of the EDF dam upstream of Castellane.

In July and August , exits are possible on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
For the months of may , June and September , we only know 24 hours in advance whether the dam is open or not.

If the dam opens on the day of your reservation, you will have the option of either postpone the activity , or to go to rafting in place.

Our courses

Aqua trekking - Le Pont de Tusset - Family course

Aqua trekking – Le Pont de Tusset – Family course

Age Requis
8 years
to swim 25 m
45 €
Verdon gorges family

Aqua trekking – Le Couloir Samson – Grand Canyon Entrance

Age Requis
12 years
To swim 25 m
50 €
samson hike-aqua corridor

Aquatic hike – Tusset / Samson – Full course

Age Requis
12 years
Prerequis Info
To swim 25m
Duree Info
swimming in "Imbut"

Aqua trekking – L’Imbut – The heart of the Grand Canyon

Age Requis
To swim 25m
80 €

Access map

Map - Aqua trekking- 3 courses