Rafting Verdon – Explor Verdon – Family Route

Rafting Verdon – “Explor Verdon” – Family Route

Rafting Verdon - Parcours découverte famille

Activity details :

Rafting Verdon – “Explor Verdon” – Family Course

Informations :

From 6 years old.

The activity takes place on the Verdon river.

Activity only possible on days when the dam upstream of the river is open:

July / August: Tuesday – Friday.

Rest of the year: Information communicated by EDF the day before for the following day.

Requirements :

Be in good physical condition and not suffer from any medical contraindication to the practice of sport.

Know how to swim and be comfortable in the water.

Equipment needed:

A good pair of sneakers – Mandatory
A swimsuit, Shorts
A towel
A bag for dry items
A bottle of water
A cord for glasses (2€ on site) or contact lenses

We provide:

Full neopren wetsuit
Safety equipment

Discover the Gorges du Verdon by rafting

Immersed in the heart of Provence , the Explor Verdon route begins in Castellane, plunging you directly into the splendid landscapes of the Verdon Gorges

Embark aboard your raft to sail on the turbulent waters of the Verdon and discover the Gorges du Verdon by rafting in the most beautiful way!

Activity presentation

Come and introduce yourself , with Haute Provence Outdoor , to the joys of white water with this 8 km Explor Verdon course! Indeed, this represents 3 hours of activity for about 1h30 on the water.

The activity takes place for half a day on the Verdon river , departing from Castellane .

At eight aboard a raft and accompanied by a guide, you will discover the Gorges du Verdon in the best possible way and from the most beautiful angle.

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking adventure through the Verdon Gorges with our Explor Verdon rafting course. This exceptional experience invites you to explore these emblematic gorges in the most beautiful way!

On board your raft, you will be guided through a carefully designed itinerary to show you the Gorges du Verdon at their best. The quieter passages will allow you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking panoramas that stretch out before you. Imagine yourself gliding gently over the turquoise waters , absorbing every detail of the majestic cliffs and dancing reflections.

However, the adventure does not stop there! Sections with rapids reserve you moments of excitement and intense pleasure. The white waters will take you on an exhilarating dance, giving you a perfectly balanced dose of adrenaline .

Your safety is our top priority . Indeed, your guide will watch over you throughout the descent. Before departure, he will give you instructions to ensure a safe and pleasant experience . During the descent, he will adapt the route according to your group, allowing you to live each moment to the fullest. On the program,laughter and spectacular landscapes await you !

Note that this rafting course is also possible, for the most experienced from 12 years old, in a single or two-seater canoe kayak .

When can I go rafting?

Indeed, rafting in the Verdon depends on the opening of the EDF dam upstream of Castellane. In July and August, outings are only possible on Tuesdays and Fridays .

For the months of May, June and September , we only know 24 hours in advance if the dam will be open or not. If it is closed on the reserved day, we suggest that you postpone the activity or go on an aqua hike instead or come and discover the magnificent Verdon lakes in an inflatable canoe .

How is the activity going?

First, we will meet you at our base located just next to the Huttopia “Gorges du Verdon” campsite. Come 10 minutes before the time indicated in your confirmation email. Remember to bring your bathing suit , sports shoes and a towel with you. But especially not neoprene water shoes!

Then you will meet your instructor (guide). Who will take you to the changing rooms . They will be at your disposal to change you and leave your belongings . Nevertheless, we recommend that you leave your valuables such as the telephone in your vehicle or at your location.

For photos, you can spot a photographer by the river. It is either Verdon Photo or Verdon Pictures . Then all you have to do is go to their shop to develop your most beautiful memories!

Then, your guide will give you your equipment. Once equipped, you will take a seat in our mini-bus to get to the start of the route ( Castellane ). On site, a briefing on the course of the activity and the safety instructions will be provided to you.

Finally, after approximately 1h30 of descent, the arrival takes place directly on the campsite . Finally, return to our equipment area to collect your belongings, before resuming the course of your day!

Explor Verdon trail: a family adventure awaits!

This rafting course in the Gorges du Verdon is accessible to all. Ideal to do with family , friends or to discover the activity!

Families and children from 6 years old are welcome for this fun descent crossing a breathtaking green landscape .

Don’t hesitate any longer , go arbotage on the Verdon river!

For older children from 12 years old , come and discover the entrance to the Grand Canyon du Verdon , this true natural sanctuary.

FAQ – Rafting course Explor Verdon

1 – From what age can I do the Explor Verdon Course?

The discovery course is accessible from 6 years old provided you know how to swim. Indeed, it is an accessible route for the whole family. Everyone can find their account!

2 – Can we have sensations in this course?

Yes of course! In the discovery trail you will find rapids. In addition, the guide is there for you, he will be able to animate your descent and ensure that you make the most of your activity. You will even have a few surprises.

3 – How long is the discovery trail?

On board the raft, you will descend the Verdon in 1h30! 3 hours of time are necessary including 1h30 of preparation such as the time to put on your neoprene suits, listening to the instructions of your guide and the time on the road to go to Castellane, from the start of the activity .

4 – What clothes are suitable for rafting?

To go rafting you will have a neoprene wetsuit, loaned by us. You just need to bring your bathing suit and a pair of closed shoes with good soles like sneakers or hiking boots. However, shoes with thin soles such as neoprene water shoes are not permitted.

5 – What distinction can be made between the explor verdon trail and the Point Sublime trail?

The Sublime Point course is more intense, with larger and more technical rapids than the Explor Verdon course. As a result, it is accessible to participants aged at least 12 years old, while the minimum age required for the Explor Verdon route is 6 years old. Finally, at the end of the activity on the sublime point course, you will have to roll and transport the raft to our mini-bus.


 Age requisPrérequisDuréePrix
“Explor Verdon”6To swim 25 m3:0050€



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