Jump Paddle –
«On the lake»
– Chaudanne or Castillon

Activity details :

Jumps Paddle – “On the Lakes” – Chaudanne or Castillon

Informations :

From 12 years old

The activity takes place on the Lac de Castillon

Requirements :

Be in good physical condition and not suffer from any medical contraindication to the practice of sport.

Equipment needed:

A good pair of shoes
A swimsuit, Shorts
A towel
A bag for dry items
A bottle of water
A cord for glasses (2€ on site) or contact lenses

We provide:

Safety equipment

Presentation of the Jumps Paddle activity

The Jumps Paddle , a playful, refreshing, fun activity open to all! Go with our guide to explore Lake Castillon above Castellane with on the program: paddle, swimming, cliffdiving on the lake island, jumps from several different heights and guaranteed laughs !

What is the Jumps Paddle? If you want to move, test a sportier paddle! On your oars, ready, paddle!

As its name suggests, it’s a brand new activity that mixes Stand Up Paddle and jumps!

At first, you will be entitled to an introduction to the practice of paddle . There, we review together the basics, we show you the right gestures. For connoisseurs, we even give you advice on how to improve and even challenges!

We all sail together on the Lac de Castillon until we reach a “secret spot” on the island of the lake! There, you have the choice: either you trudge on the rocks and make jumps where the guide takes you, or you stay on your paddle and continue your initiation / improvement, either you rest on one of the wild creeks, either you bathe simply in the turquoise water of the lake which makes you really want to!

The activity accessible to all , from 14 years old, very flexible where nothing is compulsory except to be on your board!

A good way to visit the surroundings of the Verdon in a different way, to challenge yourself and do a sporting activity while discovering the surroundings differently.

Discover our lakes with the Jumps Paddle activity! For those more fond of sensations, do cliff diving , and jumps to further spice up the activity.

The guide who will supervise you, will offer you according to your level and what you want to discover, the walk , the technique or the fun . Or even all three !!

A fun or sporting activity perfect for your stag do !

What is Stand Up Paddle ?

Stand Up Paddle is a water sport derived from surfing. You don’t have to be the king of the wave to steer your board. This activity is very flexible to use and does not need neither waves nor installations, or even a great mastery to be able to provide you with the pleasure of a nice ride on the water. Open to everyone, Stand Up Paddle is a great way to test your balance, to practice sport gently and sheathing his whole body but also to challenger on the water !

Our paddles are particularly stable and all you need is a little balance to paddle quietly on the lake, standing or kneeling on the board, and admire the landscape in complete serenity.

If you want to enjoy other aquatic activities with HPO boats, we also offer canoeing and rafting for even more thrills!

How is your Jumps Paddle activity going ?

For the Huttopists , the departure takes place directly on the campsite .

For the exteriors , we give you an appointment directly at the starting point of the activity

  • At the edge of the Lac de Castillon after the EDF dam when you come from Castellane. There is a big parking to park your vehicle.
  • GPS coordinates: 43.878627116665484, 6.539832993598679

The guide will have with him all the necessary equipment:

  • paddles , vests and his valuable advice.

you bring with you:

  • your sneakers
  • your swimsuit
  • a towel
  • a hat
  • and your good humor

Once there, the equipment in your possession and after a technical and safety briefing from your guide, we will set off to explore the lake , its islands , as well as its wild creeks .

What to do after your paddle activity?

What could be better after a morning swimming than an all-terrain electric scooter excursion to discover the heritage and the small village of Trigance to brighten up your day?


 Age requisPrérequisDuréePrix
Jump Paddle12 yearsbe able to swim 25m2H3045€


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