Canoeing – Carajuan Bridge – Intermediate Course

Canoeing Verdon – “Carajuan Bridge”
– Intermediate course

Détails de l’activité

Canoeing Verdon - "Carajuan Bridge" - Intermediate Course

Informations :

From 12 years old

The activity takes place on the Verdon river Activity feasible only on days when the dam upstream of the river is closed and in low season: Information for the dam communicated by EDF the day before for the next day.

Requirements :

Be in good physical condition and not suffer from any medical contraindication to the practice of sport.

Know how to swim and be comfortable in the water

Equipment needed:

A good pair of sneakers – Required A swimsuit, Shorts A towel A bag for dry items A water bottle A cord for glasses (1 € on site) or lenses

We provide:

Full neopren wetsuit Safety equipment

Presentation of the activity Canoe Kayak Pont de Carajuan sur le Verdon.

This fun course takes place at barrage closed, requires to be in good physical condition and in good health. It is a route which lasts approximately 1h30 which will take you on a beautiful area of the river where, perhaps, you will have the chance to see the Dipper , a small bird of the gorges which will follow you for a few meters before letting you continue your journey.

The course “ Carajuan Is one of the most interesting canoe trips in the Gorges . On board an airboat (single or two-seater), called canoe Kayak and accompanied by your guide, you will discover the Verdon Gorge from the most beautiful angle!

It is a course with a beautiful succession of quick little and of beautiful moments of pause to be able to admire the gorges on board your boat. For the more heated, you can take a swim and maybe even enjoy a little jump if you feel like it.

In Haute Provence Outdoor this route begins after the municipal campsite of Carajuan (10 min from our base), and ends right at the entrance of the famous Samson corridor below the Sublime Point , the front door of the largest canyon in Europe .

And if you feel like exploring it, we advise you to take a look at our Rando-Aqua !

But like everything beautiful landscape is earned, at the end of the course, a last effort is necessary to carry your boat to the top of the stairs to join the bus that will take you back to the campsite.

Embark on an adventure of 6 km or about 3 hours of activity supervised by a guide , for about 1h30 on the water.

For the more seasoned, this descent will allow you to make the most of the wonders that we have to offer the Verdon .

For the more novice, get ready for some adrenaline rush, lots of discovery and fun.

For your groups of seminars or your EVG / EVJF , remember to contact us to organize one or more activities on a whole day . Why not do: a morning in a canoe to the sublime point and an afternoon in Aquatic Hike inside the Grand Canyon, for a beautiful complete adventure in the middle of the Verdon gorges

Prepare your Canoe Kayak trip in the Gorges du Verdon

You must arrive 10 minutes before the time indicated in your confirmation email, at our base located right next to the campsite Huttopia “Gorges du Verdon ”. You will meet your instructor (guide). We have changing rooms at your disposal to change and leave your belongings, however, you will have to leave your valuables in your vehicle or at your location. Once equipped by the guide, after a briefing and the safety instructions , we will join directly the edge of the river for the start of our descent.

Presentation of the activity

You will be able to discover on your boat, the most iconic gorges du Verdon, in the most beautiful way: quieter passages and beautiful rapids will make this descent at the same time fresh and spectacular . Your guide is there for your safety, he will give you good advice for improve your technique and adapt the course to your level . A great activity, full of crazy laughs , of wonder and of sport waiting for you !!!


This activity will offer you 1h30 of descent, you will arrive at the entrance of the famous Samson corridor , The Grand Canyon then stands in front of you: enjoy the grandiose panorama because before entering a last effort is needed . You’ll need carry your canoe on your back to the mini-bus, where you will again be rewarded with a breathtaking view. Full of beautiful memories in the lead we will then bring you back to the campsite where you can collect your belongings, before resuming the course of your day!


  Age requis Prérequis Durée Prix
"Carajuan Bridge" 12 years be able to swim 25m 3:00 45€


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