The essentials in the Verdon

White water

What is white water?

White water is a flow of aerated water that forms in rapids, which can cause severe turbulence.

The white Water groups together several sensational activities, which requires a good physical condition, and above all to be a good swimmer. These activities are practiced on different rivers and have developed in recent years due to the sports tourism who grew up. All whitewater activities are carried out on a more or less calm river. It depends on the discipline and the sought sensations . You should know that whitewater activities are based on a river classification . This classification was set up at the international level in order to assess beforehand the technicality as well as the commitment of the river. The higher the classification number, the more difficult the river. They have been classified internationally ranging from class 1: the easiest, to class 7: classified as impassable .

The verdon is class 2 or 3 depending on the course.

whitewater canyon

Whitewater activities:


The first clubs for canoeing and whitewater activities began in 1931 when the Fédération Française de Canoë-Kayak was created in France. Canoeing is practiced on all rivers according to the level of difficulty sought. If we are looking for a family tour, we will orient ourselves on a calm and accessible river (class 1 or 2 maximum). If we are looking for something more sporty, we will then opt for a river with a highest classification (from class 3).

You should know that canoeing is separated into two very different practices. We will find the kayak where we will be in a seated position with a double paddle. Moreover, the practice came from inuit who used this boat to move around or to fish. While the canoe, is practiced by having a seated position with the knees at the bottom of the boat, with a simple paddle. The origin of this practice comes from Native Americans.

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the rafting appeared at 18th century. Initially it was used to transport materials as well as men for expeditions in rivers diffucult to access. The name “rafting” comes from the word “ raft” At the beggining made in wood then inflatable. Over the years, this boat has been perfected in terms of material technology and has become a leisure boat . The first raftings for a leisure descent were made in Colorado in America . Currently rafting in the Verdon, is a sporting activity that is practiced by a maximum of 8 people on a boat, with a state-certified guide. He accompanies you during the descent of the river. Rafting takes place on a turbulent river of class 3 minimum. Where we will find beautiful rapids in order to offer a descent full of sensations .

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The aquatic hike

The water hike can be realized in calmer water where the water flow will be less important than for rafting. Water hiking is a succession oflarge poolswhere you swim and passages of small rapids. The aquatic hike consists in letting yourself be carried by the bed of the river. In a safety position, that is to say on the back with the feet forward. Throughout this hike you will be accompanied by a guide. He will show the passages of the river to take and those to avoid. Then you can climb on the rocks to perform jumps from different heights during the course. The aquatic hike is one of the most beautiful ways to discover a river. Nothing better than to admire the landscape and the cliffs that surround us .

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white water verdon


It’s an activity very vertical which will be carried out in places classified as such. Rivers that are passable in canyons are not classified as passable by canoe-kayak or raft. Canyoning takes place in a very narrow river, with a lot of verticality. Canyons are much more prone to weather situation , and are therefore not practicable all year round. Canyoning is a mixture of different activities: we will find escalation with abseils, jumps of different heights depending on the course,natural slides , swimming in whitewater and Hiking .

As you can see the activities of living Water group together many activities, which fortunately are all possible in Gorges du Verdon . You can find the details of our activities here .

At Haute Provence Outdoor, we also offer you other activities in the great outdoors and outside the water to discover the Verdon region in a completely different way with the Trott’Elec and the Deval’Bike !

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