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The village of Annot

The village of Annot

The village of Annot, which has received the ” village and city of character ” label, is located in the Alpes de Haute Provence department. About 1 hour by car from the Verdon Grand Canyon, which is known worldwide for its sandstone as well as its medieval city. The old village of Annot has kept all its medieval charm, many buildings have been preserved and restored in order to maintain the authenticity of the village. While strolling in this small village you will be able to find a mill, an old college (which was known as far as Marseille). You can see a wash house where the women did their laundry. But also a church where all the villagers met on Sundays. Many small signs will tell you about the history of the village and those old buildings.

Every year at Pentecost, the villagers celebrate : “Saint-Fortunat”, where you can admire a marching band parade in Napoleonic period costumes.

The Grès d’Annot

Annot is not known just for its medieval village, it is also known for its sandstones, which have a geological particularity . These were formed millions of years ago, so men built on these rocks to make their habitats long time ago.

Sandstone is a rock very crumbly which breaks down into what is more commonly referred to as sand. You should know that this rock does not stop the sources. They allow the watercourse to continue to flow freely thanks to the small flaws that they have inside. These sources have long fed the villagers of Annot, until today where they still feed the high gardens.

Annot sandstones benefit from a sandy soil , which allowed chestnut trees to develop easily. If you walk on the heights of Annot, you will be able to notice an old Chataigneraie. They date, for some trees, more than 100 years. This chestnut grove has long fed the population of the country of Annot. But in the last century it was abandoned. However, the Free Trade Union Association which represents several municipalities has decided to bring back to life the chestnut grove. And to revive it in order to create “the chestnut cream of the sandstone of Annot”.

The Grès d’Annot hike

In this village you will find a very nice hike of about 4 hours. Where you will discover, among other things, the famous “King’s Room and Gardens”. During this hike you will find panels having numbers with a flashcode. The flashcode is a tool which allows you to scan it with your phone and which sends you directly to a web page in order to give you information. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can find a booklet at the Annot tourisme office. It will provide you with information on the hike. These points, all along the route, will provide you with information on different subjects such as geology, history, and even on legends which feed this particular site.

For more information on the village of Annot and its walk, go to the website of the Annot tourist office , you will also find information on activities such as rafting , canoeing or kayaking . Trott’Elec . Take advantage of being in Annot to test the Deval’Bike, rich in thrills!

annot bridge


Did you also know that Haute Provence Outdoor offers electric scooter rides in the village of Annot ? Check this link for more information!

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