La Rando Aqua

The aquatic hike is certainly one of the most fun ways to discover the famous Grand Canyon du Verdon with its clear waters and large limestone cliffs.

Walking, swimming, floating and jumping (for the more adventurous) will guarantee you an unforgettable memory.

Less technical than canyoning, water hiking does not require the use of ropes and all obstacles are contournables.

Les + de HPO

We offer half-day activity (family run) in the Samson couloir or the day (sports course) on the Imbut.

“Pont de Tusset” – 6 ans Savoir nager 25m 3H30 40 €
« L’Imbut » 14 ans Savoir nager 25m 5H00 70 €
« Le Couloir Samson » 8 ans Savoir nager 25m 3H30 45 €
Plan d'accès
Plan Verdon 1000x800 (Rando Aqua)
Plan Verdon 1000x800 (Rando Aqua)