– Aiglun – Sportive Course

The activity takes place on a full day. Physical course, aimed at a sporting public, enduring and not subject to vertigo. Course available from July 15th

The Aiglun canyon, like the Riolan one, is one of the most emblematic of the Alpes-Maritimes country.
The Esteron, which flows deep down the canyon, is one of the most fed river. Its constant outflow allow the sustain of the aquatic level, optimal for the summer pratice of the canyoning.
The Aiglun Clue is the tantamount of the Riolan with an ambience which doesn't leave you indifferent in front of the elements.
This aquatic course gathers a panel of obstacles suitable to the sportives ones, so as basted abseilings, jumps and beautiful water movements.


Price : 70 €

Informations :

Starting 14 years old

Mandatory jumps of 3.3  yards

Requirements :

To be in good physical condition

To know how to swim and be comfortable in the water

Equipment to envisage:

A good pair of sneakers

A swimsuit

A shorts

A towel

A bag for dry clothes

A bottle of water

Sandwiches for lunch

Supplied by us:

Integral neoprene suit

Protective equipment

A harness

A watertight container and a canyon bag


14 ans Savoir nager 25m 5H00 70 €
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The Saint-Auban Clue – 12 ans Savoir nager 25m 3H00 50 €
Gours of Ray Course – 10 ans Savoir nager 25m 3H00 45 €
Sportive Course 14 ans Savoir nager 25m 5H00 70 €
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HPO - Canyoning dans le Verdon