Verdon Aqua Trekking - Discover course of – “Pont de Tusset” –

The activity takes place over half a day.

It is a course accessible to everyone, ideal for families, friends or just to discover the activity!

The aquatic ramble course of “Pont de Tusset” is particulary suitable to the youngest and to the people who are willing to be more familiar with the course.
This ramble course starts from “Pont de Tusset” and ends to the beggining of the Great Verdon Canyon, offering a somptuous overview on the "Sublime Point".

We must walk for a quarter of an hour to access to the starting point.
The course is a succession of swimming in big cauldron of water, small rapids change-over and some optionnal jumps. The rapids are easy to cross by, with a progressive difficulty to note.

Its allow to discover an original activity and enjoy the Verdon upon an other angle, in particular the fabulous Great Canyon entrance on the final part.


Price : 40 €

Informations :

Starting 6 years old

Requirements :

To know how to swin and to be comfortable in the water

Equipments to provide:

Some good sneakers
A swimming suit , A short
A towel
A bag for dry clothes
A bottle of water

Provide by us :

Integral neoprene combination
Protection equipments


“Pont de Tusset” – 6 ans Savoir nager 25m 3H30 40 €
« L’Imbut » 14 ans Savoir nager 25m 5H00 70 €
« Le Couloir Samson » 8 ans Savoir nager 25m 3H30 45 €
Plan d'accès
Map verdon
Map verdon