Aqua hike Pont de Tusset / Samson

Aqua trekking –
“Tusset / Samson”
– full course

Détails de l’activité

Aqua hike – “Tusset / Samson” – The Grande Gorges and the Grand Canyon

Informations :

From 12 years old.

The activity takes place in the Grande Gorges and the Grand Canyon du Verdon.

Activity only possible on days when the dam upstream of the river is closed:

July / August: Monday – Wednesday – Thursday – Saturday – Sunday

Rest of the year: Information communicated by EDF the day before for the following day.

Requirements :

Be in good physical condition and not suffer from any medical contraindication to the practice of sport.

Know how to swim and be comfortable in the water.

Equipment needed:

A good pair of sneakers – Mandatory
A swimsuit, Shorts
A towel
A bag for dry items
A bottle of water
A picnic
A cord for glasses (2€ on site) or contact lenses

We provide:

Full neopren wetsuit
Safety equipment

Aquatic Trekking activity presentation

On a hot sunny day, the Aquatic Hike is ideal for cooling off and working out in the middle of nature. This is the most beautiful way to visit the Grandes Gorges or the Grand Canyon du Verdon by swimming. It has become the essential activity of the region.

The “Tusset / Samson” route combines our two trails, “Pont de Tusset” and “Couloir Samson” over one day. This allows you to take advantage of the first part to familiarize yourself with the activity and with the river, to enjoy the flora and fauna that surround you, a more vegetal atmosphere. At the end of this first part you will have arrived in front of the Couloir Samson, gateway to the Grand Canyon du Verdon and will enter a more mineral and vertical atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the imposing limestone cliffs and a timeless place that commands respect.

By doing this activity over a day, you will be able to take the time to observe the wonders that surround you and make the most of the surprises that this activity offers you.

Or if you choose to do this course in an afternoon, get ready for an activity that is both magnificent and sporty!!! You will end the day exhausted but happy .

You will be equipped with 5mm neoprene wetsuits, floating vests and all the equipment necessary for the good performance of your activity. Always under the benevolence of your guide who will accompany you, you will receive some information and instructions concerning the attitude to adopt but also on the importance of respecting the right path so as not to deteriorate nature and to learn more about it. fragile ecosystem of the Verdon!

This activity is only practicable on the days when the dam is closed, in low season, we have the information the day before (6 p.m.) for the next day. In high season, the dam is closed on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, Sunday.

We can possibly adapt, according to your desires, this activity on a day with a break to eat, or on a half-day by linking the two courses with a more sporting rhythm.

Prepare your Aqua trekking excursioninthe Gorges du Verdon

You have to meet at our base located next to the Huttopia “Gorges du Verdon” campsite 10 minutes before the time indicated in your confirmation email. When you arrive, you will meet your guide. You will be able to change in our changing rooms and leave your belongings there, however we advise you to leave your valuables in your vehicle.

Don’t forget the picnic for the lunch break!

Your instructor will give you your equipment, once dressed, we will take you with our mini-bus to the starting point of your activity. Before you start and take the plunge, your guide will give you a briefing on the course of the activity and the safety instructions.

Presentation of the activity

Unlike canyoning, aquatic hiking has no verticality, all obstacles can be circumvented and do not require a rope. During the descent, you will evolve in the bed of the river in the middle of the gorges to then enter the Grand Canyon, you will therefore enjoy swimming, rapids or even jumps in a sublime landscape. Open from 12 years old, you will encounter some technical passages but nothing insurmountable!


When you have finished the activity, you will have to walk another 20 minutes at the end of the Blanc Martel trail to reach the mini-bus. This trail goes through tunnels, so do your research before booking this activity, if you are sensitive to small spaces. We will then take you back to the campsite where you can collect your belongings.

Want more verticality? Come try canyoning !


 Age requisPrérequisDuréePrix
"Tusset / Samson"12 yearsTo swim 25m3:30100€


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