Rafting Verdon – « Point Sublime » – Parcours Sportif

The activity takes place over half a day.
Physical course aimed at an audience with good physical condition and good health.

The “Point Sublime” course is probably the most spectacular of the Verdon's Gorge. Embark in a 8 milles adventure so about 3 hours of activity along with a guide - 2 hours upon the water.
The ending is on the entrance of the famous Samson hallway below the Sublime Point.
This course is bookedfor the tough ones, the rapids are more powerfull with third category passages !!
At the end of the course, a last effort is necessary to carry the raft (deflated and rolled) with your guide to join the bus.


Price : 60 €

Informations :

Starting 12 years old

Requirements :

To know how to swin and to be comfortable in the water

Equipments to provide:
Some good sneakers
A swimming suit , A short
A towel
A bag for dry clothes
A bottle of water

Provide by us :
Integral neoprene combination 
Protection  equipments


« Découverte » 6 ans Savoir nager 25m 3H00 45 €
« Point Sublime » 12 ans Savoir nager 25m 3H30 60 €
” Pont de Taloire ” 12 ans Savoir nager 25m 4H00 65 €
Plan d'accès
HPO - Rafting & CK dans le Verdon
HPO - Rafting & CK dans le Verdon